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What Makes a Jain Food Different from a Vegan Food?

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If you have researched about veganism for a while, then you may have stumbled upon Jainism, which looks very similar, and in consequence, their foods can look the same.

However, we are going to show you their differences, so you can see that a Jain food is different from normal vegan food. We will start by bringing you a proper definition of each, so we can proceed to highlight their differences.


In general, veganism is all about stopping animal cruelty, and therefore, it is essential to stop consuming animal foods and using animal-derived products. In summary, anything that causes animal suffering is against what veganism believes.

Unlike vegetarian currents that allow the consumption of products like eggs, veganism is strictly against anything that comes from animals, and that includes the processing/making of any product.

In conclusion, veganism proposes a 100% vegetable-based diet, and a lifestyle that is against the suffering of animals. Therefore, it is more than a way of eating; it is a complete way of life, which is what we follow at Govinda.

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Jainism (Jain Darma)

In many senses, Jainism looks similar to veganism, since they promote a world free of violence, and that includes violence against animals, which Jains strictly oppose to.

Nonetheless, Jainism is an ancient Indian religion, and therefore, it involves a bigger core of values and principles, in addition to religion-specific practices.

It derives from the Sanskrit word “jina”, which refers to the path of victory in surpassing over life’s stream of rebirths, which is accomplished by eliminating karma through an spiritual, pure and ethical life.

Therefore, in order to fulfill their major goal in life, Jains need to restrict their diet as well, and again, in many sense their food looks like vegan, but we are going to see some remarkable differences.

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Jainism is more restrictive than veganism, because it is prohibited to use foods that involved killing a plant completely. Of course, meat and animal-derived foods are also against Jainism.

Unlike veganism, the following foods are prohibited for Jains:

  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Roots
  • Tubers
  • Fruits with many seeds

Therefore, it can be hard to find a restaurant that truly meets the needs of Jains, but fortunately, you can order Jain food in Bangkok thanks to Govinda.

You will find the best Jain menu in the city, full of 100% authentic Jain delicacies. We use the best ingredients and spices to make your food as delicious as possible.

These are the key differences between vegan food and Jain food, because these restrictions apply. Both aim to reach the same goal, but Jainism places more limits on what you can use and consume.


Now you know the differences between veganism and Jainism and how they translate to their food. You can choose the way of life that meets your ideals and goals the best.


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